Monday, January 7, 2013

a new day

Well, yesterday was a wash.
I didn't do much and spent lots of tiime on the sofa.
I did cut out the pattern for a new wool dress. I found a pretty piece of dark gray wool in my stash and ironed it.  I might need to buy some lining fabric at JoAnns today before the weather gets nasty tomorrow.
I think I'll sew on Tue and Wed since they are predicting 80-100% rain.  Good days to stay inside.
I was careful about what I ate yesterday, though.  I made almond moulded cookies and after dinner ate a small round one made from leftover dough.
Loved Downton Abby.The clothes were beautiful.  But, even though the wedding dress was period, I didn't like it.
Today, I plan to eat very sensibly. And exercise this afternoon before Tom gets home.
Today is also Tom's first day back to work!!!
My knees are better.  My left one is almost healed, but my right will probably give me trouble for a couple of months. It's still a little swollen and they are both very tender to touch.  I forgot and got in bed the other day on my knees and remembered rather quickly.

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