Monday, January 21, 2013

A Busy Weekend

On Friday, when I was feeling quite anxious and overwhelmed, I decided that physical activity was the key to bleeding off some of my excess negative energy. So, on Friday afternoon, I started moving furniture. By Saturday night I'd moved everything but the bed, nightstand, and cat tree in my living/sleeping space (I left the pantry and closet alone since I did them earlier in the year). Sunday morning I put the finishing touch on things, brought gobs of unwanted items to charity, and started enjoying my new space. The key is that I got rid of 2 pieces of large, unused furniture (also donated, since I got them for free). Here is the result.

Front Door View

 This looks like the same seating arrangement, but that's only because I moved it all and then moved it back when it became apparent that this works best.

New Yarn Home
I'm working on getting this neatend up, I just have to figure out how to get the boxes to be bigger on the inside.

New Desk/Entertainment Area

I have a second green shelf to hang, I just need more dry wall hangers. It's going in that empty spot above the second monitor.

Oh, and I finally got a frame form my master's diploma. I found an official frame at the thrift store for $10!

New Sewing Area
Those books in the desk support are all my sewing books. I haven't finalized the set up, but you get the picture.

This is a much safer place for the bookshelf. This way if there's an earthquake, rescuers won't have to dig me out from under all those books.

And my sleeping space. It feels so much roomier without the looming doom of the bookshelf, and I finally got around to hanging my shell lights.

So, while none of this actually decreased the amount of work I have to do for this overwhelming project, at least one source of frustration in my life has been conquered.

Oh, and just so you know, the glass on my desk/sewing table weighs 60 pounds and I moved it three times over the course of this endeavor, trying to get just the right feel. I moved it to where it is now, from where it is now, and back to where it is now. I currently feel like Xena.

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