Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Learning Curve

It sucks that an inevitable part of the learning curve in graduate school is figuring out how to handle being pissed on from a very great height.

After a small panic-y breakdown and some hours to consider, my solution is thus:

1. Try to ascertain the cause of the technological problem at hand
2. Calmly explain the results to the one who is pissed
3a. IF person calms down or becomes otherwise rational, continue with my job, and go to 4.
3b. IF person continues to be irrational and does not land after flying off the handle, quit.
4. Continue with my job working hard to minimize future errors and issues.

Yep, I have decided after reflection that the paltry amount that I'm paid (hourly) for this job is not worth putting up with people who can't handle problems in a constructive and useful way. I may be a graduate student, I may be poor, and I may have to deal with consequences down the line. But I will not be anyone's flogging post just because they think it's OK to treat underlings like dirt. I didn't put up with it 2 years ago, and I'm not about to put up with it now.

We'll see how this all falls out.

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